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5 Easy DIY Bathroom Ideas

Nobody wants an outdated bathroom, am I right? And not everyone is a master plumber or seasoned carpenter. But, in this list, you’ll find 5 easy DIY bathroom ideas anyone can manage.

1) Painting Your Bathroom

A little paint goes a long way. By updating your bathroom’s color palette, you can freshen its appearance, patch up any noticeable imperfections, and subtly alter its design.

And don’t forget about your baseboards and trim! Add some appealing contrast to these areas, so you can bring dimension to your overall design.

If you’re looking for some color inspiration, check out this post all about bathroom color schemes. Alternatively, if painting just isn’t your thing, then head over to our contact page and send us a note. In addition to exterior renovations, we also offer a range of interior services.

Stylish bathroom with a grey color palette and easy DIY bathroom ideas

2) Add Some Storage Solutions to Your DIY Bathroom

Open storage or shelving is a great way to organize your bathroom, while also showcasing some complimentary decor. If you have a tight budget, try buying used and add some paint or stain to your bargain find.

If additional shelving still doesn’t afford you enough organizational space, consider installing some stylish hooks. This quick addition is especially useful if you have a larger family. By tidying draped or crumpled towels, your bathroom will automatically appear more welcoming.

Also, consider updating your towels and fabrics to match your new color palette. This small step can drastically improve the cohesiveness of your bathroom.

For more inspiration on bathroom storage ideas, check out this post.

Modern bathroom with open shelving unit and other DIY bathroom ideas

3) Update Your Mirror for an Easy DIY Bathroom Idea

An outdated, speckled mirror isn’t doing anything beneficial for your bathroom design. Unless, of course, that’s the theme you’re going for. By replacing your mirror and ensuring it matches your new aesthetic, you can drastically update your bathroom.

Plus, it’s one of those simple DIY bathroom ideas that anyone can manage.

Spacious bathroom with wood-framed mirror and circular window

4) Add Some Greenery & Art to Your Bathroom

Now that you have a consistent color scheme and an organized bathroom, you can add some vibrancy. If your bathroom is windowless, you can opt for artificial plant arrangements. However, try to avoid cheaply made flowers or plants. These can make your design appear tacky.

Adding some greenery and art to your bathroom can give it a more luxury feel. It’s a simple addition that can make a big difference.

Vintage white bathroom with plants and teal vanity

5) Spruce Up Your Vanity

A vanity is a staple piece in any bathroom. So, if your vanity is chipped, dull, or marred with imperfections, it can detract from your entire design.

One of the simplest and easiest DIY bathroom ideas is to update your vanity’s hardware. Overtime, moisture and daily use can tarnish your drawer and cabinet pulls. By updating these features, you can inexpensively improve your vanity.

Also, if you’re willing to put in a bit of added work, you can update your wooden vanity with stain or paint. Just make sure you sand the surface before, removing any preexisting paint and sanding down any imperfections.

Modern bathroom with wooden vanity and DIY bathroom ideas inspiration

Looking for a Complete Bathroom Remodel?

The words ‘bathroom remodel’ may sound terrifying. After all, it typically involves complicated plumbing and expensive labor costs. However, with this list of easy DIY bathroom ideas, you can update your bathroom without the stress and expenses of a complete redesign.

But, if you’re considering a complete bathroom remodel and would like to discuss our interior services, head over to our contact page and send us a quick note. Alternatively, you can call us at 1-877-466-2005 to speak directly with a representative.

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