5 Exterior Colours We Absolutely Love

With the weather warming up, you may be considering exterior renovations. And what better way to rejuvenate your home then with some fresh exterior colours? Browse through this collection, and find some stunning inspiration.

Let’s have a look at 5 popular colours that we love:

1) Sandstone & Wood Exterior Colours

House with sandstone exterior colour

Featuring an earthy hue, this contemporary colour is the perfect choice for those that like warm tones, but also wish to modernize their home. Paired with a dark brown trim and garage door, this exterior looks sophisticated and beautiful.

2) Blue Haze & Wood Trim Colours

House with blue haze and dark blue exterior colour

Featuring a light, subtle blue, this colour choice is perfect for those who prefer cool tones. Paired with a dark stone and wood trim, this exterior looks polished and dimensioned. Not to mention, that patio looks way too inviting!

3) Emperor Grey & Mercury Exterior Colours

This modern beauty is all about contrast. With its light and dark tones, this home draws your eye to its unique architecture and sharp lines. For those who like a more monochromatic look, this colour is for you.

4) White & Red Brick Colours

Red brick house with white and red exterior colours

You can’t go wrong with brick. This timeless look pairs well with the brisk white of this home. By accenting the dimensions of this home, it looks both classic and modern.

5) Ebony & White Exterior Colours

House with large windows and ebony and white exterior colours

Look at those windows! And they’re framed perfectly with contrasting white. The dark tones of this house, including the charcoal stone, blend together in a modern, cohesive design.

Are You Ready to Update Your Exterior?

We offer exterior coating that can drastically transform your home. Our polymer system effectively protects your home against moisture damage, UV radiation, fire, weather conditions, and more. Plus, it’s available in any colour!

To learn more, visit our stucco coating page or contact us for a FREE quote.

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