10 Festive Fall Home Design Ideas

Crisp air, warm tones, falling leaves, and refreshing change—Autumn is a truly wonderful season. And with the new season comes new decor. Curated just for you, we have an exciting list of 10 fall home design ideas for your seasonal redesign.

Fall Flower Arrangements

Featuring neutral colors and festive accents, Fall flower arrangements are a great decor idea to bring some Autumn air into your home. Place on coffee tables, accent tables, or even as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal.

Also, don’t forget about your outdoor porch! Our Fall weather isn’t the best for real plants; however, with the right artificial arrangement, no one will be the wiser.

Beautiful flower arrangement for fall home design ideas

Crafty DIY Table Decor for Your Fall Home Design

Your tabletop is a prime spot for some crafty, DIY decor. Take these festive corn cob decorations. They’re simple, yet they add that small touch of Autumn.

And, better yet, you can coordinate your centerpiece with your other decor items. Love the look of this decoration but doubt your DIY skills? Check out these dried decorate corn cobs on Etsy.

Decorative dried corn cobs for fall home design ideas

Welcoming Autumn Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Try sprucing up your front door or featured wall with a beautiful fall wreath. If you’re up to the task, try making your own DIY creation.

Or, if you’re short on time, have a look at these festive wreaths that will add some Autumn charm to your home.

Beautiful fall wreath on wood and glass door

Add a Bit of Blue with Your Fall Design

Tired of all the warm tones? Why not try mixing up your fall color palette by adding some soft blue?

Some of the best fall home design ideas include branching off from traditional decor. So try experimenting with different colors and styles. And I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Neutral and soft blue tabletop design for fall

Festive Mantle Design

What’s cozier than a crackling fireplace on a cool Autumn night? Your mantle is a prime spot to show off some of your favorite fall home decor.

Don’t know where to start? Have a look at this festive garland that would pair remarkably well with the rest of your Fall decor.

fireplace mantle with Hello Fall sign and pumpkins, fall home design ideas

Keep Your Fall Home Design O’Natural

Want to really spruce up your Fall decor? Try falling back to natural textures and bring some rustic elements into your design.

All you need is a bit of distressed wood or some leftover palettes and a bit of stain. From there, you can create just about anything for your Fall home design.

Natural bedroom design with Fall home design inspiration

Don’t Forget Your Shelves

If you have open shelving in your home, this is a great place to showcase some of your new Fall decor. String some garland between your cups. Or, like the picture below, add a mini wreath.

Even better, why not add a candle or two to your shelf. And I have just the one for you—a handmade pumpkin spice scent that’s sure to make your room smell like Autumn.

Fall garland decor and mini fall wreath across open shelving

Some Boho Inspiration for Your Fall Home Design

Adding some boho elements to your fall home design is a great way to tie in some more neutral elements, while also deviating from traditional decor choices.

Try mixing some macrame with some white pumpkins and other light-toned elements. You might even experiment with some string lighting or pampas grass. And to make even more of a statement, why not hang up some of your favorite abstract art?

Boho mantle design with white pumpkins and pampas grass

Cozy Cushions

From your bedroom, to your living room, add some cozy Fall cushions to your home design. Mix and match with your favorite blankets to make your room warm and welcoming.

Don’t know where to start? Check out these festive and unique Autumn-themed cushions.

Fall home design in traditional bedroom with neutral wallpaper and quaint sitting area

A Pail of Pumpkins

Perhaps one of the most quintessential Fall decorations, pumpkins are a great way to add an Autumn touch to your front porch or patio. From artful arrangements, to a pail of pumpkins, there’s no limit to this special decor item.

Pail of pumpkins on front porch with wooden bench and grey exterior

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