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5 Money-Saving Benefits of Metal Roofing

There’s many reasons why home and property owners are ditching traditional shingles and opting for a metal roof. Not only does the benefits of metal roofing include a incredibly long lifespan and eco-friendly materials, but metal roofs also save you money in the long run and protect your home better than other traditional models.

Let’s have a look at the money-saving benefits of metal roofing:

1) Unmatched Lifespan (up to 50+ years)

Traditional roofs typically have a lifespan of 10-20 years, depending on the quality of roof and the weather conditions in your location. In contrast, metal roofs last anywhere between 50-70 years with little maintenance.

To emphasize its heightened durability, our metal roof comes with a 50 year lifetime warranty. So you never have to worry about replacing your roof again.

By avoiding the high cost of regular roof repairs and replacements, choosing a metal roof can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future. Plus, unlike asphalt roofs, metal roofing does not decompose. This added benefit ensures your home will stay protected for many, many years to come.

Not to mention, our select collections are coated with an advanced aluminum-zinc anticorrosion system that guarantees a six fold lifespan when compared to common galvanized steel roof tiles. Some of our other collections are also coated with quality stone granules from France and offer unmatched beauty and enhanced durability. Plus, they protect the colour of your roof and significantly decrease UV radiation.

Metal roofing may come with a higher price tag, but it lasts 2-3 times longer than traditional roofing. So, if the upfront cost of a metal roof worries you, know that your future savings will alleviate the initial higher cost.

Black metal roof on brick house; benefits of metal roofing
Metal roof from our EVOQ collection

2) Energy Efficiency of Metal Roofing

Metal shingles reflect UV rays and resist UV radiation, keeping your home or property considerably cooler during those sunny days.

In fact, metal roofs can lessen cooling costs by between 25-40%, meaning your energy bills can be considerably lower during hot summer months. And even homes without air-conditioning see a noticeable improvement in cooling and comfort.

However, metal roofs are also winter-friendly. They provide enhanced insulation, meaning your warm air stays where it’s supposed to be during our long Canadian winters.

Even better, metal roofs can easily hold and support solar panels, and installation is much simpler than applying the panels on traditional shingles.

Dark metal roofing on house showcasing benefits of metal roofing
Metal roof from our EVERTECH Collection

3) Extreme Wind & Weather Protection

By avoiding the cost of expensive, weather-related damages, you can save thousands of dollars on repairs alone by opting for a metal roof. In addition, they’re also resistant to rot and mildew, effectively cutting out related maintenance costs — especially in more humid regions.

Metal roofs also perform extremely well in winter climates. Because snow is more prone to slide off, particularly on sleeker models, metal roofing can prevent seasonal leakage and significantly reduce the risk of roof collapse.

In fact, our super-strength metal roof can withstand heavy loads up to 1200 kg/m², making it the premiere choice for regions that experience heavy snowfall.

Perhaps one of the most pronounced benefits of metal roofing is its remarkably high fire resistance. While most traditional roofs have a Class C fire rating, metal roofs have a Class A rating. For areas plagued by wildfires, metal roofing offers one of the highest degrees of protection.

Tested and proven to withstand high winds, violent storms, heavy snowfalls, and destructive fires, metal roofing outperforms traditional materials. Plus, it boasts a wind rating of 140 mph. This impressive score makes it one of the leading choices for locations that experience extreme winds.

Black metal roof on brick house
Metal roof from our EVERGLAZE Collection

4) Quicker Installation & Lower Labour Costs

Metal roofing is markably lightweight, meaning its easier to transport and install. Our lightest metal roofing option — our EVERTECH Collection — is 4.5 kg/m² and can hold up to 1200 kg/m². This lightweight feature makes it both easy to manage and incredibly durable.

And, with faster installation times, comes lower labour costs.

For our metal roofing, installation is considerably quick. Tiles are secured onto buttons or rails using quality stainless steel screws. We even carry a long list of accessories that make installation even faster and more efficient.

Mediterranean-style metal roof tiles with stone granules
Metal roof from our COPPO Collection – coated with quality stone granules from France

5) Metal Roofing Can Lower Insurance Costs

Because metal roofing offers superior protection against extreme weather conditions and fire, it can save you in insurance costs. In some cases, homeowners experienced up to 10% in savings when compared to those with wood shingle or shake houses.

According to Alexey Saltykov, CEO of InsurEye Inc., metal roofing is one of the best ways to lower insurance costs.

An old, curling roof is more susceptible to leakage, which increases the likelihood of interior water damage. In turn, old roofs can negatively effective your insurance premium. In some cases, insurance companies may not cover all or any damages caused by an old roof that’s in visible need of repair.

Speak with your insurance company to see how much you can save by installing a metal roof.

Metal roof from our QUADRIC Collection

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