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About the Family

The Members that Make CANZ 

CANZ BUILDING PRODUCTS INC. was created in 2006 when the owner, Chris Digout, wanted to offer an affordable, safe, and durable option for stucco owners. Instead of simply painting over cracks, stains, and a dull appearance, Chris wanted to offer something permanent that would boost a home’s appeal. Nothing compared to CANZ coating technology was on the market, and Chris did not want to pass up the opportunity to help Canadian families and homeowners.

 In 2011,  Zachary Digout joined his father’s side to help run the family operated business. Zach completed two years of Engineering before realizing that he wanted to join his father’s company and pursue his budding passion in renovations. Chris, with over thirty years of experience in home renovations and a degree in Economics, has a wealth of knowledge that he continues to share with his son. In time, Zach’s confidence grew, his interest peaked, and he welcomed every new opportunity. Now, nine years later, Chris and Zach continue to work together to provide excellent service, quality products, and family values to their customers.

Over recent years, more members of the family were incorporated into the business. Anne-Marie Digout, Chris’ wife and Zach’s mother, upkeeps the administrative aspects of the company. She handles the bookkeeping, phone calls, appointment schedules, and overall organization. Her duties are detrimental to ensuring that the business runs smoothly.

Cassie Digout, Chris’ and Anne’s daughter, and Sultan Yusefi, Cassie’s fiancé, handle the online aspects of the company. Sultan designed and created the website, while Cassie creates the content and graphics you find on our website and social platforms. Their days are typically filled with promoting the company through social media and other forms of online marketing.

CANZ operates through family collaboration, cooperation, and dedication. Each member contributes to the overall production and effectiveness of the company. The origin of CANZ’s name — standing for Cassie, Anne, and Zach — speaks for itself. CANZ is a company created by a family for other families.

We are a small family that does big things, and we ensure that trust, reliability, and ethics are intricately woven into our business’ framework.  

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