About Us

Family owned and operated since 2006, we bring safe, affordable, and eco-friendly exterior renovations to homes and properties across Central & Northern Alberta. 

Operating with family values, we’re committed to providing the best home renovation services possible. 


Chris Digout founded CANZ Building Products in 2006 after acquiring the rights for CHIC advanced coating system. In 2014, Chris trained his son, Zach, who now manages the daily operations and the projects for the company.


Many coating & painting systems can damage your home's exterior by trapping in moisture. That's why, it's our mission to provide a quality coating system that's breathable and safe for all stucco, brick, and wood exteriors.


You're trusting us with your home or property. And we value that trust. We operate with family values and transparent practices. So you always receive quality services, and we make sure to keep you informed along the way.

CHIC Licensed Dealers

We’re the CHIC dealers for Central & Northern Alberta

The CHIC installation procedures have been developed with the knowledge gained from thousands of CHIC installations and performed over more than 30 years. Our methods are designed to ensure maximum durability and performance of the CHIC Coating.

When I founded CANZ, I wanted to ensure that home and property owners didn’t have to worry about the quality of work being done on thier homes. I wanted to provide them with quality, lifetime exterior options that would transform their exteriors, offer lifelong protection, and make them proud of their renovated home. 

Our installers are fully trained, qualified, and attentive to detail. We make sure each project that we complete meets our strict and consistent guidelines.

- Chris Digout

Founder & CEO

The CANZ Team

Chris Digout

Founder & CEO

With over 35 years of industry experience, Chris is an experienced expert in residential and commercial property renovations.

Zach Digout

Manager & Crew Lead

Zach has been CANZ’s manager for over 8 years. He’s typically the first point of contact amongst CANZ’s valued customers.

Cassie Digout

Marketing Specialist

Cassie oversees the marketing, content, and online presence for CANZ. She has an English degree from Macewan University.

Sultan Yusefi

Software Developer

Sultan maintains CANZ’s website, integrates their software & develops their videos. He has an Engineering degree from the U of A.

Cassie Digout

Cassie oversees the marketing, content, and online presence for CANZ. She has a degree from Macewan University.


Ario is our lead painter. With 10 years of experience, he is trained and qualified to provide detailed and precise coating services.


Over the past 8 years, Osiris has skillfully transformed home exteriors across Alberta and is one of our most experienced painters.


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