Canada’s Most Advanced Brick & Cinderblock Coating

Canada’s Most Advanced Brick & Cinderblock Coating

With over 35+ years of tested experience, our industry-leading brick coating will protect, modernize, and completely transform your home or commercial property. Available across Central & Northern

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Lifetime Warranty

Our advanced brick coating comes with the best warranty in the industry, meaning your home stays beautiful and protected for a lifetime. And it's transferrable. 

Fade Resistant

Our coating is UV and fade resistant, meaning your brick will be protected from the sun’s harsh rays. And it will look new & polished for many, many years.

Low Maintenance

With our coating’s lifetime warranty and extreme durability, you’ll never have to paint again. And, even better, it’s also dirt, mildew, and mold resistant. Plus, it's completely breathable.

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An advanced proprietary formula

Our CHIC brick coating is expertly crafted to outlast other paints and coatings. It’s specially engineered formula promotes durability, extreme weather protection, and even repairs cracks.

Fire resistant

Tested in compliance with the National Fire Protection Agency, our stucco coating received a Class A fire rating.

Co-Polymer technology

CHIC coating is engineered with advanced co-polymer technology, and it’s comprised of a proprietary high-strength resin formula.


Make your old brick look new

Our CHIC brick coating is expertly crafted to outlast other paints and coatings. It’s specially engineered formula promotes durability, extreme weather protection, and even repairs cracks.

Any Color

With our coating system, the possibilities are endless. Choose any color for your brick transformation.

Removes Weather Stains

Our 3-coat system absorbs and binds into your brick, removing weather stains, imperfections, and fading.

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Our fool-proof process

Our 3-step process is designed to ensure our coating creates optimal results. Our team of highly trained installers ensures that each step is met to ideal conditions. Click on the numbers below to see our fool-process in action.
Repair Cracks
Before we begin any CHIC application, we repair all exterior cracks and damages. This step seals your exterior, meaning your home is protected year round.
Prepare Exterior

The preparation phase is a 3 step process, which includes: washing the exterior, protecting windows and other exterior elements, and sealing protective guards.

Apply Coating
Our application is completed in three meticulous steps. First, our installers spray on the material. Then, they roll on another coat. And, finally, they brush on the last coat.

Hear from our happy customers

We value your trust. And it’s our mission to provide quality and safe exterior renovations for your home or commercial property.

Expert Advice

Our team of certified and experienced experts are always here to help with your brick needs.

Excellent Service

We provide world-class service to every customer, and we have a 5 star Google rating.

Quality Products

Our products are made in Canada for Canadian homes and commercial properties.

It looks like a brand new home...

"Every day, when we come around the corner, we stop and look at our house for a few minutes and say to each other that hiring CANZ was one of the best things we did to modernize and freshen up our home. It looks like a brand new home and no longer stuck in the 90’s. Good job Zach, the CANZ family and their crew."

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Past Projects

Slide through the before and after of our featured projects, and see the remarkable transformation. If you’re tired of your old, stained brick, contact us and see how we can transform your property.
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CANZ_brick coating_bungalow_chic_after_02_October 2020
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