Choosing Your Exterior Colour: What Colour Is Best for My Home?

You Know Your Home’s Exterior Needs Some Updated Colour, But What Should You Choose?

Should I choose something light and bright, or maybe I should try something dark and warm? Keep in mind, if you have traditional vinyl siding, you won’t likely have the option to paint your home. However, if you have stucco (or your thinking about installing stucco) or brick, then keep reading!

Here are a couple things to ask yourself while choosing your exterior colour:

brick house with white deckWhat Colour is My Deck or Patio? If you have a bright colour for your deck or patio, chances are you’ll want to consider a neutral colour for your exterior. For example, if you have a forest green deck, perhaps a white exterior will be your best option. If you opt for a dark colour, your home and deck won’t be emphasized. If you have a light stain on your deck, then maybe consider opting for a darker colour for your exterior, which will highlight both aspects of your exterior. If you’ve read our 2018 Kitchen Trends post, you’ll know that contrast is a popular home trend, and that includes your exterior. If your exterior colours are overly blended, your home may have a bland appearance. Increase your curb appeal and don’t be afraid to create some contrast!

paint palettes What Is My Favourite Colour? Your home should be an extension of yourself, your interests, and your personality. Depending on the versatility of your favourite colour, don’t be afraid to experiment with adding your own elements. Perhaps your favourite colour is blue, but you don’t want to commit to having a completely blue home. Maybe, instead, consider a cool grey with a dark blue trim. This choice will add some complimentary contrast to your home without creating a gaudy appearance. Think of unique ways you can incorporate your favourite colour into your home’s exterior appearance. If you have stucco and need a colour-life, contact CANZ BUILDING PRODUCTS INC. for a free consultation and discuss countless colour options!

brick house with turquoise doorWhat about My Front Door? Painting your front door is a great way to experiment with colour. Choosing a colour that pops can add dimension, contrast, and an overall appealing appearance to your home. If we return to the above example, with a cool grey exterior and blue trim, why not match the trim colour with your front door and paint it the same blue? Maybe you have an off-white exterior, why not try a yellow door? This choice can add a unique eye-catching appearance that is an easy way to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Your home’s exterior colour and appearance can not only improve your home’s overall appeal, but it can also increase your home’s resale value. The exterior presents the first impression people make before entering your home. If you would like tips to increase your home’s resale value, sign up for a newsletter for a free guide!



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