Farmhouse Interior Design Trends to Transform Your Home

1 – Barn Doors

Barn doors are a MUST for farmhouse design, and they add rustic charm to any space. But there are a few things you need to know before adding one to your home.

First, most barn doors need staining before they’re ready for installation. To maintain its rustic appearance, lightly sand the wood then apply stain with a rag. For best results, apply the stain with a wide paintbrush and allow it to sit for a few moments, then, using your rag, rub the stain into the wood. Also, remember to wear gloves, because the project will likely get a bit messy.

Second, barn door packages can be expensive when you purchase them from hardware stores. Luckily, there’s several ways to make your own DIY barn door. For a great DIY guide, see this tutorial. Although you can build your own barn door, you’ll still have to purchase the appropriate hardware to hang it.

Third, when you install your barn door, you’ll want to start with a header. Make sure everything is properly level. The last thing you want is a door that’s hung on an angle. Also, because the hardware and doors can be heavy, you may consider enlisting a second pair of hands. For more information and helpful insight, see this barn door installation guide.

2 – Weathered Wood

There are many ways you can incorporate weathered wood into your home design. Let’s have a look at some options:

  1. Wood Accent Wall – Accent walls are a great way to add diversity to your home design without overcomplicating the overall effect. They both draw the eye and allow for creative freedom. In addition, you can even create your very own weathered wood accent wall on budget. There’s companies like Stikwood that sell peel and stick packages that you apply directly to your wall. It couldn’t be easier!
  2. Weathered Wood Furniture – Weathered furniture can turn any basic decor into a rustic dream. Plus, you can save some money and complete a DIY to weather your furniture. First, you’ll want to purchase high-quality white wood paint. Next, you’ll mix the paint in water and paint your furniture with the diluted paint. This process will allow the wood base to maintain its appeal while adding a weathered element.
  3. Weathered Wood Flooring – If you have hardwood flooring, you can create a weathered effect by following the above (⇡) tutorial.
  4. Weathered Mantle – If you own a fireplace and a wooden mantle, why not increase its rustic charm by following the tutorial explained above?
  5. Reclaimed Furniture – Reclaimed furniture has several benefits: (1) it’s cost effective; (2) it promotes recycling; and (3) it can add a farmhouse design to any home. So, the next time you drive by a sign for a garage sale, why not take a look? With a little sand and stain, you can turn even the most out-dated decor and furniture into a nearly knew piece.
Image: © Stikwood
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3 – Farmer’s Market Vibe

Image yourself walking through the crowded aisles of a farmer’s markets, casting your gaze over the tables of vintage jars, burlap sacks, and delicious food. Do you have the image in your mind?

Great! Now think about all the interior design possibilities! The next time you’re at a farmer’s market or flea market, keep an eye out for anything that would be an appealing addition to your home’s farmhouse decor. Perhaps you notice some wooden crates that you can use on your shelf or even hang on your wall. Maybe you noticed some vintage, speckled jars that can serve as a great centrepiece.

4 – Wooden Beams

Exposed wooden dreams are many homeowner’s dream come true. They create a wonderful, appealing contrast that makes your ceiling appear higher. What’s not to love?

Plus, they are great for adding a farmhouse element to your home.

5 – Eye-catching Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are a relatively simple way to add rustic design to your home. Your kitchen or dining area offers the best space to change your light fixture from a simple product to an appealing design.

They can draw the eye and create a unique element to your farmhouse interior. Mason jar fixtures are one of my new favourite products. They can add a rustic charm while incorporating smoothly into the overall design of your home.

6 – Farmhouse Sink

Who wouldn’t like an extra deep sink? These practical sinks also come in a range of colours and finishes, including black, copper, and stainless steel. Personally, the traditional white is my all-time favourite. It ties in seamlessly with most kitchen designs!

Image: Majjie

7 – Warm Neutral Color Palette

If you’re trying to obtain a farmhouse design, a warm neutral paint option is a much. Consider opting for a tan or beige, keeping the base relatively light to brighten your interior.

8 – Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is a farmhouse design essential. Consider going with a darker, natural option that’s polished by retains an original appearance.

9 – An Exposed Brick or Stone Wall

Increase your rustic charm with an exposed stone or brick wall. For some ideas, try transforming your wood mantle to a brick or stone design. You can also use stone as a backsplash in your kitchen!


If you have any questions about farmhouse design, or if you want to schedule a consultation to bring this popular design trend into your home, contact us now.

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