Paint Colors for 2019: 5 Color Trends for Your Home’s Exterior

2019 is a world of color. More and more homeowners and designers are opting for bold colors and accents that make a statement and create a stunning curb appeal.

Let’s take a look at the different color options and tones that are making an appearance this year.

Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral paint colors offer the best of both worlds: they’re easy to pair with other colors, and they’re aesthetically appealing. Essentially, neutral tones are one of your safest and most effective options for any home exterior.

But how do you pick a neutral color?

There’s two types of neutral tones: cool and warm. In the cool category, you’ll find blue and green undertones. Alternatively, with warms, you’ll find brown, red, yellow, and orange undertones. For exteriors, I’d recommend sticking with cool tones, since they’re rising in popularity.

So what’s the final verdict on neutral colors?

Greige is probably one of the most popular neutral colors for exteriors. However, grey-blues are also a strong contender. Take a look at the gallery below and see which neutral tone your prefer! Notice how the first two images contrast a warm neutral with a cool tone, while the last one contrasts a variety of warm tones that complement each other and add dimension.

Neutral colors are great because they allow for a lot of freedom. Plus, they’re a good choice to increase your home’s resale value.

Dark Paint Colors

2019 is a time to go bold or go home. Exterior paint is switching from lighter neutral tones to dark colors, including navy, forest green, and dark grey.

However, with dark colors, contrast is key. By offsetting a navy paint with a white trim, you can add some serious dimension to your home and make the colors pop.

Another exterior color that’s becoming more popular is charcoal. This dark grey looks great with a white or light grey trim.

Dark red is also gaining in popularity, especially when paired with a white trim.

Soft Colors

Pastel colors are another paint option that’s growing in popularity. Their soft, delicate tones allow for various trim and accent options that can compliment the lighter color.

Pastels are not solely for beach house vibes anymore. More homeowners are using these tones to add some soft color to their home’s exterior.

By opting for a pastel, you can add some color without the overly bold statement of darker colors. It’s also a bit more unique than traditional neutral tones.

White Paint

White paint is a great option for anyone wishing to create a clean, polished design that can brighten any home. Plus, it allows for more freedom to add complementing and contrasting accents.

Here are some options when working with a white exterior:

  • Choose a bold color for your front door
  • Choose a bold or pastel color for the trim
  • Bring some added dimension with other bold accents

Contrasting Colors

When it comes to exterior home design, contrast is vital. Whether you’re contrasting with trim color, deck or fence paint, or accent options, it’s important to add some eye-catching elements.

Just make sure you always sample the colors together. That way, you can ensure you create the intended effect.

Other Resources

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