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Sporting a glossy finish, our EVERGLAZE metal roof offers a modern and distinctive style. Plus, it’s coated with an aluminum-zinc anticorrosion protection that lasts six times longer than traditional steel tiles.

EVERGLAZE also offers extreme fire and wind resistance, fast and easy installation, a lightweight design, and protection from destructive weather.

Metal roofing with a glossy, elevated design

EVERGLAZE’s advanced coating system assures a long lifespan, superior protection, and an elevated appearance. After the tiles are formed from super-strength steel, a 50 μm thick finish is applied, ensuring the gloss maintains its unique lustre.

Comprised of:

  1. Quality steel from Germany
  2. Aluzinc layer for enhanced longevity
  3. AFP Film from Austria
  4. Polyuretan coating

EVERGLAZE is available in 4 attractive color variations.

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