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EVERTECH is a lightweight and easy-to-install metal roofing option. Featuring super-strength steel and a protective matte finish, it’s both durable and attractive.

EVERTECH also offers unmatched protection against dirt and mold, fire and wind, and extreme weather conditions. For home and property owners looking for a traditional design with an incredibly long lifespan, this metal roof is for you.

Metal roofing with a protective matte finish and an attractive design

Weighing only 4.5 kg/m² with a weight potential of 1200 kg/m², EVERTECH promotes fast installation and superior durability. Plus, this style fits within a variety of roof dimensions, allowing for minimal cuts and waste.

EVERTECH’s unique design allows for snow to slide off with ease. This feature drastically reduces load weights for areas with heavy snowfalls.

With 8 color variations to choose from, EVERTECH offers an option for any preference.

Comprised of:

  1. Superior steel from Germany
  2. Aluzinc layer for enhanced longevity
  3. AFP Film from Austria
  4. Acrylic paint coat
  5. Cubic stone granulates from France
  6. Durable and transparent top coat

Installation: tiles are secured onto battens or rails using screw nails. Our extensive list of accessories makes it  simple and convenient to install our product.

Accessories: walk ways, grids, snow holders, solar panels, brackets, and trims. Additionally, we accommodate all satellites, vents and chimneys.

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