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Available for both supply and install, our super-strength steel roof is designed and built for a Canadian climate. With it’s traditional design and lifetime durability, it’s the perfect option for any property owner that wants a beautiful roof that possesses unmatched longevity.

Our metal roofing has over 23 years of production experience. It is proven to resist weather extremes, including:

  • Hail & Snow
  • Freeze & Fire
  • Windstorms & Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Moss & Lichen

While maintaining the highest code requirements across the world, our metal roof protects thousands of properties across over 20 countries.



With its 3D design, QUADRIC is reminiscent of American-style tiles. However, its much stronger and more durable, offering advanced protection against extreme weather.


Inspired by authentic Mediterranean tiles, our COPPO collection is both unique and beautiful. More durable than traditional clay tiles, our COPPO roof offers immense protection.


Coated with quality stone granules, our EVOQ collection offers the strength of steel roofing but the beauty of traditional tiles. Easy to install, our EVOQ roof is perfect for any project.


Our EVERTECH collection features a smooth, matte finish that’s both durable and appealing. Its lightweight design makes installation fast and easy, while its unique strength can withstand up to 1200 kg/m².


With its smooth, sleek appearance, EVERGLAZE makes a statement. The modern and traditional shingle design can add an appealing aesthetic to any home or property. Plus, its built to last a lifetime.


Keep your home or property protected year round with our steel roofing. Proven to outlast other roofing systems, our tiles are engineered for durability. They’re comprised of some of the strongest materials, including:

  • High-quality steel from Germany
  • AFP film from Austria
  • Supreme stone granules from France
  • Stainless steel screws

Following the most advanced practices, our metal roof is manufactured in Europe and designed for the harshest climates.

Protection For A Lifetime

Fire Resistant

Noise Dampening

50 Year Lifetime Warranty

Capacity up to 1200 kg/m²


UV Resistant

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