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Protect & Modernize Your Stucco

Advanced stucco coating system that’s available across Ontario & Northern Alberta

Protect & Modernize Your Stucco

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Unmatched Protection

Our stucco coating is an industry-leading system. With it’s extreme weather protection and enhanced durability, you’ll never have to paint again.

Installed in 3 coats, our coating is much thicker than paint. And it seals cracks in your substrate.

Repairs Cracks

Our coating offers unmatched protection against wind-driven rain and other extreme weather conditions.


Tested in compliance with the National Fire Protection Agency, our stucco coating received a Class A fire rating.

Fire Resistant

Our coating resists damaging effects of the sun than conventional paints and coatings.

UV Resistant

True Transformation

By removing stains, repairing cracks, and updating the color and appearance of your exterior, our coating makes old stucco look new. Plus, with its lifetime warranty, you’ll never have to worry. Your property will stay weather-sealed and beautiful for many, many years to come.

Before Stucco Coating
After Stucco Coating

Advanced Technology

CHIC coating is engineered with advanced polymer technology. Comprised of a proprietary high-strength resin formula, CHIC is specially designed to outperform and outlast stucco paints and other coatings.

Also, each batch of our coating is tested during all stages of its manufacturing. With 30 years of research and experience and thousands of installations, CHIC is tried and tested for both durability and longevity.

Operating with dedicated family values & transparent practices, we'll transform your property.

Expert Installation

Repair Cracks

Before we begin any CHIC application, we repair all exterior cracks and damages. This includes the following:

  • Stucco repairs
  • Masonry repairs
  • Carpentry work / rot repair

In order to protect your home from moisture complications and elemental exposure, this step is vital. It seals your exterior, meaning your home is protected year round.

Prepare Exterior

The preparation phase is a 3 step process, which includes:

  1. Washing the exterior and removing all dirt and debris
  2. Protecting windows and other exterior elements
  3. Sealing protective guards, so that our coating goes only where it belongs.

This process allows CHIC Coating to apply smoothly. Our installers are fully trained in this process, and fulfill each and every step before they begin the application.

Apply Coating

Much like the preparation process, our application is completed in three meticulous steps:

  1. Spray — our trained installers spray the coating onto the exterior
  2. Roll — they then roll another coat onto the stucco after the required cure time
  3. Brush — next they brush another coat onto the home or building

This multiple coat application is applied using specified thickness and in ideal conditions. Protect your home for a lifetime with CHIC exterior coating.

Featured Projects

Join the 170+ property owners that updated their aged stucco with our advanced coating system. And it’s available in any colour, so you can choose whatever aesthetic fits your preference.

White Stucco Coating - Red Deer
Blue Stucco Coating - Sherwood Park
Grey Stucco Coating - Red Deer

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