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What is Stucco Coating & Why Do I Need It?

Our stucco coating is a polymer, liquid-applied system that offers unmatched protection for your home or property. Applied in three coats, it not only transforms the look of your home or commercial property, but it also fully weather-proofs your exterior.

Let’s have a closer look at what makes our coating uniquely special:

1) Stucco Coating Technology

Comprised of a proprietary high-strength resin formula, our product is specifically engineered to outperform other coatings and paint on the market. Plus, it’s manufactured using only the finest and highest quality raw materials. Each and every batch is tested during the numerous stages of manufacturing, meaning the final product has guaranteed durability. 

In addition, our exterior coating has over 30 years of perfected advances and engineering. It’s also made and manufactured in Canada for Canadian homes, meaning your property will stay protected and beautiful year round.

Stucco coating manufacturing

2) Stucco Coating Installation

Our stucco coating is applied in a 3-step installation process. Each step is fulfilled by our expert and certified installers.

First Step — Repair Cracks:

Before we begin any coating application, we repair all exterior cracks and damages. This includes the following:

  • Stucco repairs
  • Masonry repairs
  • Carpentry work / rot repair

In order to protect your home from moisture complications and elemental exposure, this step is vital. It seals your exterior, meaning your home is protected in even the most extreme weather conditions.

Installer repairing stucco before coating application

Second Step: Prepare Exterior:

The preparation phase is a 3-step process, which includes:

  1. Washing the exterior and removing all dirt and debris
  2. Protecting windows and other exterior elements from coating system
  3. Sealing protective guards, so that our coating goes only where it belongs.

This process allows our stucco coating to apply smoothly, so your home looks flawless and beautiful.

Installers preparing exterior for stucco coating application

Third Step: Apply Coating

Much like the preparation process, our application is completed in three meticulous steps:

  1. Spray — our trained installers spray the coating onto the exterior
  2. Roll — they then roll another coat onto the stucco after the required cure time
  3. Brush — next they brush another coat onto the home or building

This multiple coat application is applied using specified thickness and in ideal conditions. Protect your home for a lifetime with our exterior coating.

Installer applying stucco coating by spraying exterior

3) Stucco Coating Benefits

Breathable: our stucco coating prevents moisture build up. Trapped moisture can lead to several expensive and stressful damages, including premature coating failure and damages to your wall assembly — not to mention the potential accumulation of mold. These problems are often associated with coatings that are not breathable.

Weatherproof: Through numerous tests, our coating is proven to offer unmatched protection against wind-driven rain and other extreme weather conditions. It’s also dirt and mildew resistant, meaning your stucco will look new for years to come.

Repairs Cracks: Because our stucco coating is several times thicker than paint and is installed in three coats, it seals cracks in your property’s substrate. Plus, the material remains flexible over time. So, as your home shifts and the walls move and settle, our coating stretches to maintain its protective finish. 

Fire Safe: Tested in compliance with the National Fire Protection Agency for Flame Front Advancement and Smoke Development, our stucco coating received a Class A fire rating. 

UV Resistant: Proved in our advanced lab and confirmed on thousands of buildings in some of the harshest conditions, our coating resists the damaging effects of the sun far better than conventional paints and coatings. 

Lifetime Warranty: Our coating comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning you never have to worry about protecting your property’s exterior.

Available in Any Color: With our coating, there are no color limits. You can choose from any color, meaning your home or property will perfectly fit your preference.

4) Testimonials

“Every day, when we come around the corner, we stop and look at our house for a few minutes and say to each other that hiring CANZ was one of the best things we did to modernize and freshen up our home. It looks like a brand new home and no longer stuck in the 90’s. Good job Zach, the CANZ family and their crew.”


“After checking many options for covering the stucco on our house and garage, we decided to go with the liquid vinyl from CANZ and are very happy we did. We liked the details Zach gave us on the product and the process of applying it. The installer was meticulous in his prep work and application. It’s certainly updated the look of our house and we would highly recommend this company.”


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