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What’s the Difference Between Stucco Paint & Stucco Coating?

If your stucco is fading or stained, you’re likely considering a paint or coating system. But where do you start? With so many stucco paint and coating options to choose from, how do you know which one is best for your home or property?

First, let’s explore one of the most common stucco paints:

1) Acrylic Stucco Paint

Acrylic paint is an affordable option for home or property owners with a tight budget. However, it does not last as long as coating systems. This means you’ll save on initial costs. But, in the future, you’ll likely pay more for routine applications when your stucco begins to fade or stain. For most homeowners, acrylic paint will last up to 5 years. After that time, it typically starts to blister and crack.

In some cases, acrylic paint can negatively impact the permeability of your stucco, meaning it won’t breath enough. Depending on the quality of the paint, it can have a higher or lower permeability rating. The higher the rating, the more permeable. If you’re opting for acrylic paint, make sure you check its rating and purchase a product with standard to high permeability.

In addition, acrylic paint is typically not thick enough to repair cracks and conceal deep imperfections. Because it’s thinner than other systems, it won’t bridge hairline cracks. This means a professional must repair cracks and holes before the paint is applied.

Expert Tip: when looking for stucco paint or coating, always choose one with a high permeability. If your stucco is unable to breathe, moisture can get trapped inside your wall and cause expensive damages, such as rot and mold.

Exterior with neutral stucco paint

2) Elastomeric Stucco Coating

Elastomeric coating systems are designed for masonry surfaces. Thicker than typical paint, it can conceal imperfections and bridge hairline cracks. It is also water resistant and can protect against wet conditions, making it ideal for locations with heavy rain. In most cases, elastomeric coating completely seals your exterior.

However, most elastomeric coatings have a lower permeability than other systems. While different products will have different permeability ratings, elastomeric coating has a popular reputation of poor breathability. In turn, it can trap moisture within your wall assembly, ultimately leading to destructive damages. If you’re opting for this choice, make sure you ask your contractor how breathable their coating is.

Elastomeric coating system is also more expensive than traditional paints, costing up to 50% more. This higher cost is primary due to the coating’s composition, as well as the amount of coats that must be applied for ideal results. But with the higher price tag comes a longer lifespan. Elastomeric coating typically lasts between 10-15 years, depending on the quality of the product.

In addition, a professional is highly recommended to apply this coating system. Because it is thicker than paints, it can be difficult to apply. And, if applied incorrectly, it can cause unattractive lumps and further problems down the road. Some homeowners also comment that the material causes an unattractive plastic-like appearance on their stucco.

Modern house with white stucco paint

3) Pro-Polymer Stucco Coating

Pro-polymer stucco coating lasts longer than traditional paints and coating systems and offers a number of unmatched benefits.

Our CHIC stucco coating outlasts and outperforms both elastomeric coating and acrylic paint.

Let’s see why:

1) Breathable

Our coating has a very high permeability rating and abides by ASTM standards. It allows your exterior to breath, so moisture will not get trapped inside your wall. Remember, this factor is crucial when choosing a paint or coating for your stucco.

2) Weatherproof and Water Resistant

CHIC coating is resistant against wind-driven rain and extensive moisture. It’s performance has been proven in the lab and during countless real-life storms across Canada.

3) Repairs Cracks

Because our coating is several times thicker than other paints, it will seal cracks in your exterior’s substrate. Plus, the system remains flexible over time. When your walls shift and settle, CHIC stretches to maintain its protective finish.

Before and after CHIC stucco coating

4) UV Resistant

Over time, your stucco will fade from direct UV exposure. And, while most paints and coatings will conceal this damage, they will, once again, fade over the years. However, our coating is UV resistant. It resists the damaging effects of the sun far better than other coatings or paints.

5) Fire Resistant

Unlike vinyl siding, stucco is known for its fire resistance, since its traditionally composed of cement. Our coating takes this benefit a step further. Tested in compliance with the National Fire Protection Agency, CHIC achieved a Class ‘A’ fire rating.

6) Dirt & Mildew Resistant

As opposed to thin paints, our coating leaves a smooth finish that protects against airborne pollutants from adhering to the walls. Not only do CHIC coated walls stay clean for longer, they are much easier to clean when the time comes.

Before and after of CHIC stucco coating

7) Lasts a Lifetime

Our coating comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s designed with longevity in mind. While most coating systems and paints only last between 10-15 years, our coating lasts 50 years or more. That means, it’s lifespan is 5X longer than other systems.

And, once our coating is applied, you’ll never have to worry about painting again.

8) Three-Step Application Process

Our coating application has three crucial steps:

  • First, we’ll repair your exterior. Our qualified experts will repair any cracks or holes on your stucco or masonry. We’ll also investigate and repair any issues caused by moisture problems, most notably rot repair.
  • Second, we’ll prepare your exterior by cleaning the stucco surface and extracting any mildew. Next, we’ll remove any old or failing paints or coatings. Lastly, we’ll mask and tarp surrounding surfaces, so our coating only goes where it’s supposed to.
  • Third, we’ll apply the coating in 3 coats. First, we’ll spray the coating evenly across your exterior. Then, we’ll roll and brush another coat onto your stucco. Throughout the process, we ensure appropriate cure time exists between applications. Each and every coat is applied to its specified thickness.

Our stucco coating is applied by certified installers that are highly trained and incredibly detailed.

Stucco coating sample - neutral coloured executive house

9) Advanced Technology

CHIC coating is engineered with advanced polymer technology. Comprised of a proprietary high-strength resin formula, CHIC is specially designed to outperform and outlast stucco paints and other coatings.

Also, each batch of our coating is tested during all stages of its manufacturing. With 30 years of research and experience and thousands of installations, CHIC is tried and tested for both durability and longevity.

10) Financing

No matter your budget size, you can experience the unmatched potential of our coating. We offer financing OAC for every customer. Depending on your terms, you can have your exterior coated for as low as $200 a month!


That’s a lot of information. Here’s a visual recap to help you out a bit:

stucco paint and coating comparison

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of your outdated stucco, it’s likely time to consider coating your exterior. If you’re interested in our advanced coating system, contact us today for a FREE, no obligation quote. Our services are available across Northern Alberta, throughout Ontario, and within select Maritime locations.

To find out more, see our official coating page or read this past post on the advantages of stucco coating, and why you need it.

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